Module 2: Text Representation

Meor Amer and Jay Alammar

Meor Amer and Jay Alammar

Hello! Welcome to Module 2 of LLM University! We are Meor and Jay, your instructors for this module.

In this module, you'll go through some practical labs that will teach you how to use Cohere's endpoints for the following text representation tasks:

Over the following practical labs, you’ll learn to use Cohere’s endpoints to build language applications for many use-cases. Through the use of many codelabs and exercises, you’ll be able to write code to call the Cohere API for several different endpoints such as embed and classify.

This course assumes a basic understanding of natural language processing, large language models, and their applications. If you need to learn these topics, or could use a refresher, check the links above to the previous modules.

There is another very important task in machine learning, which is generation. Generation (and its corresponding generate endpoint) is a very large topic, so we've dedicated the entire Module 3 of the course to it.

Ready? Let's go on with text representation!

What’s Next

First, learn about classification models, and many of their useful applications.