Ask Quran

This project was created by community members Misbah Syed, Usama Zafar, Areesa Ashfaq, Muhammad Arslan Bodla, and Taqi Haider,


The project aims to address the challenges faced by multilingual organizations in translating content, as well as, finding information within their documentation. With the increasing demand for global business operations, organizations have to spend a considerable amount of resources on the translation of documentation for various purposes, including marketing, legal, sales, R&D, branding, etc. This project proposes a solution that leverages AI technology to make the translation and search process easier and more efficient.

The proposed solution uses Cohere's multilingual embeddings model to embed the text corpus of any organization and search on the embedding for a relevant answer. This method enables the system to find answers in various languages, making it suitable for multilingual organizations. The tech stack for this project includes Cohere's multilingual embedding for embeddings, Pinecone VectorDB for vector storage and retrieval, a flask-based backend for APIs, and a JavaScript-based webpage for user queries.

The inspiration behind this project is to create a cost-effective and efficient solution for multilingual organizations to reduce the time and resources needed for translation and search. With the help of AI technology, this project offers a way for organizations to focus on their core business activities and expand their global reach with ease."