You can now generate responses as JSON

Developers are now able to force Command R and Command R+ to generate outputs as JSON objects by setting the response_format parameter in the Chat API.

Release Notes for June 10th 2024: Updates to Tool Use, SDKs, Billing

Multi-step tool use now default in Chat API

Advanced Retrieval Launch

We're pleased to announce the release of Rerank 3 our newest and most performant foundational model for ranking. Rerank 3 boast a context length of 4096, SOTA performance on Code Retrieval, Long Document, and Semi-Structured Data. In addition to quality improvements, we've improved inference speed by a factor of 2x for short documents (doc length < 512 tokens) and 3x for long documents (doc length ~4096 tokens).

Command R+ is a scalable LLM for business

We're pleased to announce the release of Command R+, our newest and most performant large language model. Command R+ is optimized for conversational interaction and long-context tasks, and it is the recommended model for use cases requiring high performance and accuracy.

Python SDK v5.2.0 release

We've released an additional update for our Python SDK! Here are the highlights.

Command R: Retrieval-Augmented Generation at Production Scale

Today, we are introducing Command R, a new LLM aimed at large-scale production workloads. Command R targets the emerging “scalable” category of models that balance high efficiency with strong accuracy, enabling companies to move beyond proof of concept, and into production.

Fine-tuning has been added to the Python SDK

In place of custom_models, fine_tuning has been added to the Python SDK. See this Python github repository for the full list of supported functions!

Python SDK v5.0.0

With the release of our latest Python SDK, there are a number of functions that are no longer supported, including create_custom_models.

Release Notes January 22, 2024

Apply Cohere's AI with Connectors!

Release Notes September 29th 2023

We're Releasing and the Chat + RAG Playground