Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

This project was created by community member Xavier Alfaro.


Nowadays grammar and spelling mistakes can be embarrassing, especially when they are made in the workplace or academic work. To communicate more effectively and avoid common mistakes, individuals need tools that can help them improve their writing skills.


These days, technology is playing an important role in our society, therefore we need an app to help individuals improve their writing skills and avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes. Using Cohere API, the app will analyze text and enable the app to generate accurate and contextually appropriate suggestions for improving your writing. Whether you're a student, professional, or language learner, the app can help you achieve your writing goals.

Tech Stack

To develop this app, I used this stack:

Cohere's Endpoint

I used the Generate endpoint to get the output and I had to create a prompt with many examples in order to get an accurate response.


My inspiration was my desire to build an app using AI, and that app has to help others improve their writing skills.