Twitch Chat Sentiment Analysis

Twitch Chat Sentiment Analysis

This project was created by community member Agustín Arnoldi.


I used TypeScript for all the packages in the project, but in the Twitch Bot I used tmi.js which is a npm package that helps you to connect and interact with Twitch channels. For the websocket connection between the website and the server I used And last but not least, I love using Next.js and TailwindCSS, so I came along with them and made a simple but fancy website that displayed all the required information (the projects were stored in a simple MongoDB database).

This idea came to my mind because I thought about how I started programming. I talked to a very knowledgeable programmer friend and asked him if it would be difficult to make a Twitch Bot and he didn't have time to explain but he sent me an old script that did that and told me to try to understand it. So I did and started learning by myself.

So, i knew how to make a Twitch Bot and how to use, so i thought "What would be a cool thing to do with a Twitch chat, a websocket server and an AI?".

And there you go! "Hackathon Chat Feedback"