Command R+ is a scalable LLM for business

We're pleased to announce the release of Command R+, our newest and most performant large language model. Command R+ is optimized for conversational interaction and long-context tasks, and it is the recommended model for use cases requiring high performance and accuracy.

Command R+ has been trained on a massive corpus of diverse texts in multiple languages, and can perform a wide array of text-generation tasks. You'll find it especially strong for complex RAG functionality, as well as workflows that lean on multi-step tool use to build agents.

Multi-step Tool Use

Speaking of multi-step tool use, this functionality is now available for Command R+ models.

Multi-step tool use allows the model to call any number of tools in any sequence of steps, using the results from one tool call in a subsequent step until it has found a solution to a user's problem. This process allows the model to reason, perform dynamic actions, and quickly adapt on the basis of information coming from external sources.