Pricing Update and New Dashboard UI

  • Free, rate limited Trial Keys for experimentation, testing, and playground usage
  • Production keys with no rate limit for serving Cohere in production applications
  • Flat rate pricing for Generate and Embed endpoints
  • Reduced pricing for Classify endpoint
  • New UI for dashboard including sign up and onboarding - everything except playground
  • New use-case specific Quickstart Guides to learn about using Cohere API
  • Replacing "Finetune" nomenclature with "Custom Model"
  • Inviting team members is now more intuitive. Teams enable users to share custom models with each other
  • Generative custom models now show accuracy and loss metrics alongside logs
  • Embed and Classify custom models now show logs alongside accuracy, loss, precision, f1, recall
  • Custom model details now show number of each label in dataset