Release Notes for June 10th 2024: Updates to Tool Use, SDKs, Billing

Multi-step tool use now default in Chat API

Tool use is a technique which allows developers to connect Cohere's Command family of models to external tools like search engines, APIs, functions, databases, etc. It comes in two variants, single-step and multi-step, both of which are available through Cohere's Chat API.

As of today, tool use will now be multi-step by default. Here are some resources to help you get started:

We've published additional docs!

Cohere's models and functionality are always improving, and we've recently dropped the following guides to help you make full use of our offering:

  • Predictable outputs - Information about the seed parameter has been added, giving you more control over the predictability of the text generated by Cohere models.
  • Using Cohere SDKs with private cloud models - To maximize convenience in building on and switching between Cohere-supported environments, our SDKs have been developed to allow seamless support of whichever cloud backend you choose. This guide walks you through when you can use Python, Typescript, Go, and Java on Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, Azure, and OCI, what features and parameters are supported, etc.

Changes to Billing

Going forward, Cohere is implementing the following two billing policies:

  • When a user accrues $150 of outstanding debts, a warning email will be sent alerting them of upcoming charges.
  • When a self-serve customer (i.e. a non-contracted organization with a credit card on file) accumulates $250 in outstanding debts, a charge will be forced via Stripe.