Improvements to Current Models + New Beta Model (Command)!

New & Improved Medium & Extremely Large

The new and improved medium and x-large outperform our existing generation models on most downstream tasks, including summarization, paraphrasing, classification, and extraction, as measured by our internal task-based benchmarks.
At this time, all baseline calls to x-large and medium will still route to previous versions of the models (namely, xlarge-20220609 and medium-20220926). To access the new and improved versions, you’ll need to specify the release date in the Playground or your API call: xlarge-20221108 and medium-20221108.

Older versions of the models (xlarge-20220609 & medium-20220926) will be deprecated on December 2, 2022.

NEW Command Model (Beta)

We’re also introducing a Beta of our new Command model, a generative model that’s conditioned to respond well to single-statement commands. Learn more about how to prompt command-xlarge-20221108. You can expect to see command-xlarge-20221108 evolve dramatically in performance over the coming weeks.