Release Notes September 29th 2023

We're Releasing and the Chat + RAG Playground

We're pleased to announce that we've released our beta! Of particular importance is the fact that the API is able to utilize retrieval augmented generation (RAG), meaning developers can provide sources of context that inform and ground the model's output.

This represents a leap forward in the accuracy, verifiability, and timeliness of our generative AI offering. For our public beta, developers can connect to web search or plain text documents.

Access to the public beta is available through an API key included with a Cohere account.

Our Command Model has Been Updated

We've updated both the command and command-light models. Expect improved question answering, generation quality, rewriting and conversational capabilities.

New Rate Limits

For all trial keys and all endpoints, there is now a rate limit of 5000 calls per month.