Working in Teams in the Cohere platform enables users to share API keys and custom models. There are two role types to manage access to the platform: Owner and User. Below are details on how to invite others to your Team and the difference in access permissions between the two roles.

Inviting others to your Team

If you sign up with Cohere without being invited to a Team, you automatically become the “Owner” of your Team. To invite others to your team, navigate to the Cohere Dashboard, then click on the “Team” page in the sidebar.

Clicking “+ Invite Teammates” will open a modal where you can send email invites and specify the role that best suits your teammates.

Users that already have a Cohere account and are not part of your team cannot be invited to join your team at this time.

Role Types


Users have permissions to:

  • View all other Team members
  • Create and delete custom models
  • View, create, copy, and rename Trial API keys
  • View Production API keys (you can view the existence of the keys, but production keys are only viewable on creation)
  • View Usage history


In addition to the above, Owners have permissions to:

  • Invite, remove, and change role type of other Team members
  • Generate, rename, and delete Production API keys
  • Complete the “Go to Production” form for your team to receive a Production API key - after your team has been approved for production, you can create any number of production keys
  • View and download invoices
  • View and update payment information

Crucially, users are abstracted from accessing Production API key details to ensure security.