co model

View and experiment with models.


  -h, --help   help for model

co model classify

Build a classifier using a few labeled examples, and classify a set of input texts.

co model classify [model_name] [texts...] [options...] [flags]


  -h, --help                help for classify
      --examples            a list of examples texts and their labels
  -t, --taskDescription     A string describing the classification task overall
  -o, --outputIndicator     A string describing the output indicator portion of a prompt

co model embed

Get embeddings from a model.

co model embed [model_name] [texts...] [flags]


  -h, --help   help for embed

co model generate

Generate from a model.

co model generate [model_name] [prompt] [flags]


      --frequency-penalty float32   frequency penalty
  -h, --help                        help for generate
  -k, --k int                       k value
  -t, --max-tokens int              number of tokens to return (default 30)
  -p, --p float32                   p value
      --presence-penalty float32    presence penalty
      --return-likelihoods string   return likelihoods
      --stop-sequences string       stop sequences
      --temperature float32         temperature of request (default 1)

co model list

List names of available models.

co model list [flags]


  -h, --help   help for list