Cohere For AI Acceptable Use Policy

We believe that independent and open machine learning research is vital to realizing the benefits of generative AI equitably and ensuring robust assessments of risks of generative AI use.

We expect users of our models or model derivatives to comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations. Additionally, you may not use or allow others to use our models or model derivatives in connection with any of the following strictly prohibited use cases:

Violence and harm: engaging in, promoting, or inciting violence, threats, hate speech self-harm, sexual exploitation, or targeting of individuals based on protected characteristics.

Harassment and abuse: engaging in, promoting, facilitating, or inciting activities that harass or abuse individuals or groups.

Sexual exploitation, harm, or abuse: encouraging, facilitating, or carring out any activities that exploit, abuse, or endanger individuals, and particularly children, including soliciting, creating, or distributing child exploitative content or Child Sexual Abuse Material.

Sensitive information: collecting, disclosing, or inferring health, demographic, or other sensitive personal or private information about individuals without lawful authority or obtaining all rights and consents required by applicable laws.

Fraud and deception: misrepresenting generated content from models as human-created or allowing individuals to create false identities for malicious purposes, deception, or to cause harm, through methods including:

  • propagation of spam, fraudulent activities such as catfishing, phishing, or generation of false reviews;
  • creation or promotion of false representations of or defamatory content about real people, such as deepfakes; or
  • creation or promotion of intentionally false claims or misinformation.

Synthetic data for commercial uses: generating synthetic data outputs for commercial purposes, including to train, improve, benchmark, enhance or otherwise develop model derivatives, or any products or services in connection with the foregoing.