How Does Cohere Pricing Work?

If you're looking to scale use cases in production, Cohere models are some of the most cost-efficient options on the market today. This page contains information about how Cohere's pricing model operates, for each of our major model offerings.

How Are Costs Calculated for Different Cohere Models?

Our generative models, such as Command R and Command R+, are priced on a per-token basis. Be aware that input tokens (i.e. tokens generated from text sent to the model) and output tokens (i.e. text generated by the model) are priced differently.

Our Rerank models are priced based on the quantity of searches, and our Embedding models are priced based on the number of tokens embedded.

You can find up-to-date prices on our dedicated pricing page.

Trial Usage and Production Usage

Cohere makes a distinction between "trial" and "production" usage of an API key.

With respect to pricing, the key thing to understand is that trial API key usage is free, but limited. Developers wanting to test different applications or build proofs of concept can use all of Cohere's models and APIs can do so with a trial key by simply signing up for a Cohere account here.