Setting up

Setting up the Cohere platform

Google Colab

The following labs are all ran as Google Colab. This means that you don't need to worry about installations, as the first lines of code take care of this.

However, if you want to run these labs locally in your computer, you'll need to do some initial set up of the Cohere client in order to make API calls to the endpoints. Here is the setup.

Install the Cohere Python SDK

The first step is to install the Cohere Python SDK.

$ pip install cohere

Sign up for a Cohere Account

In order to make API calls to the models, you need an API key. You can sign up for a Cohere account and create an API key, which you can generate from one of the following interfaces:

Set up the Cohere Client

Once that is done, you can set up the Cohere client as follows.

import cohere  
co = cohere.Client("add_your_api_key_name")

What’s Next

Now you are ready to delve into the models. Learn about the Classify endpoint.