Conclusion - Text Generation

Meor Amer and Jay Alammar

Meor Amer and Jay Alammar

Congratulations! In this module you've learned how to use the Cohere Generate endpoint for tasks such as text generation and entity extraction. You've also learned the science of prompt engineering, that is, using the correct prompts to extract the most power out of your generative model.

This finalizes the content for the course, but don't worry, there is more to learn from!

  • In Appendix 2, you'll find lots of app examples where you'll be able to combine endpoints and deploy models.
  • Check out our notebooks for more use-cases and apps.
  • In our docs page you can find more information on the models and use-cases.

In addition, stay tuned for upcoming content on semantic search, generative models, model deployment, and more!

What’s Next

Check out the appendices for extra material!
In Appendix 1, you'll find a basic introduction to NLP.
In Appendix 2, you'll find more app examples to learn and practice from.