App Examples

Use the embed endpoint with Langchain to efficiently build semantic search applications on top of Cohere’s multilingual model.

Build a movie search and recommendation app using the embed endpoint, similarity, and nearest neighbors.

Using the embed endpoint and clustering, build an app that extracts the main topics from a large collection of text documents.

Using the generate endpoint, build an app that extracts important information from invoices.

Build an article recommender app using the embed endpoint and similarity to find the closest articles to a given article. Then classify each article by category and extract tags from the articles.

Using embeddings, build a sentiment analysis classifier that works in many languages.

Build an app that takes a user's question about a given document and generates an answer by searching the most semantically similar sections of the document.

Using the generate endpoint, build a game that generates potential conversation topics for two players.

What’s Next

Check out some more app examples to practice, including some build by our great community of developers!