Discord and Community

Sandra Kublik and Roy Lim

Sandra Kublik and Roy Lim

Hello! We're Sandra and Roy, and we're the moderators of the Discord Community for LLM U!

If you are interested, join our Discord and:

  1. First up, make sure to say 👋 in the #introductions channel.
  2. Next, navigate to LLM-UNIVERSITY category on the left side panel to check out the following channels:

#llmu-announcements for important course-specific updates.

#llm-resources for exchanging quality LLM educational materials with your peers.

#ask-llmu-mentor for reaching out to mentors with questions about the syllabus, course content, and other LLM University-related matters.

#llmu-buddies for finding your buddy to study the course, specifying your level, focus, and goals.

#student-hangout for exclusive live sessions dedicated to the course syllabus.

What’s Next

Before we delve into the material, what is an LLM, and what is NLP?